Words and pictures by DKG. .  .   .

I arrived at the owl location very early yesterday morning still hoping to get some decent photos of the barn owls hunting but once again neither Brenda or Barney was seen: quite possibly sitting on eggs? Whilst hidden under the camo net I heard something approaching: Clive bringing me breakfast? But no;  looking around, I spotted a roebuck staring straight in my direction, only a few metres away.

…a roebuck staring straight in my direction…

As I had the main camera on the tripod I had to slowly retrieve my second camera from my bag and then try to focus and hold the camera steady while lying sideways-on; very awkward but I did get a few shots, not perfect but acceptable.

In Sleepers Field, I headed to the blue tits’ nesting site that’s been in use for the past two years but there was no sign of them although I watched for half an hour. I will keep monitoring.

Whilst walking across the field, I spotted a dog fox, in beautiful condition, running across the field in the distance. I got a few shots but, once again, I had been taken by surprise and the camera was not on the correct settings. The photos are not sharp enough to produce a decent picture.

…a dog fox, in beautiful condition…

Next time I MUST be prepared?

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