Reasons to scoop poop: no. 3

Most bio-degradable poo bags are not really bio-degradable; they are photo-degradable.

In UV light their long molecular chains break down and they become lots of little pieces of plastic. If you wrap perfectly biodegradable dog faeces in non-biodegradable plastic and hang it in a tree, it either hangs there for years, is collected by a FoSCP volunteer litter picker, or the plastic is photo-degraded into thousands of tiny toxic pieces which enter the ecosystem. We are only just beginning to understand the damage these fragments of plastic are doing to the environment.



There are bins for bagged poop. They are emptied three times a week and their contents dealt with in some hygienic and eco-friendly way. Please use them. If you don’t like to a carry a poo bag, there are poop carriers and poop pouches and poop pods to help you.



DKG photographs the park’s wildlife and its changing seasons. When he is wriggling through the undergrowth, trying for the perfect shot of a nesting thrush or hunting barn owls, he finds the places where people throw their bags of dog faeces. He took all these pictures; click on any of them to open the gallery . .  .   .    .

We know it’s just a minority but let’s keep our park poop free!



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