20/00379/OUT public consultation extended

The public consultation on planning application 20/00379/OUT has been extended.

Wiltshire Council has been having what it calls Technical Issues. Apparently, a weekend power cut combined with a failed emergency generator has led to all kinds of difficulties that are now well into their third week. At the moment there is a mustard yellow banner across the top of the website’s home page:

Technical issue with planning application pages

The “Planning Applications” layer on the online Map Search, and the facility to submit comments online is currently unavailable due to essential maintenance. Please submit any comments in relation to planning applications to developmentmanagement@wiltshire.gov.uk

Documents relating to planning applications may not be available to view currently, due to a fault with Internet Explorer. If you are having trouble opening planning documents please try to refresh the page (F5) or use an alternative internet web browser such as Google Chrome. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Precise dates have not yet been decided but we have been told the period of consultation will now close in the middle of March. This is not over yet.

Case officer for application 20/00379/OUT, Ruaridh O’Donoghue, told us that there have been many comments on this proposal; he said most of them are objections but some of those objections will have to be discounted.

The matter of whether there should be any houses built on the green space between Trowbridge and Southwick has already been settled by the Wiltshire Housing Site Allocation Plan. The planning department is not listening if all you want to say is that there should be no building at all in the fields north of Southwick Court; the time for that protest is long gone.

But we can use our objections to application 20/00379/OUT to shape the development; we can raise valid issues about the access road, the Lambrok, the hedges, the density of the houses, the landscape and biodiversity. We can suggest solutions to the obvious problems that developers are going to have with bats, flood plains, Local Nature Reserves and UK BAP Priority Species.

We can begin by saying that permission should not be granted for this build until Inspector Stephen Lee’s demand for a coordinated plan for the biodiversity of Lambrok corridor, in conjunction with the developers at the Church Lane and Upper Studley sites, has been met.

Make your objection count!

More about this planning application:

Planning application 20/99379/OUT
Waddeton Park Ltd have applied for permission to build 180 houses in the fields north of Southwick Court.

More on planning application 20/00379/OUT
A look at the Ecological Survey and Report submitted with this application

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  1. I wonder about the legality if Wiltshire Council just ignores objections on the grounds that residents do not want more housing. WHSAP was an authority wide consideration. We are now down to the nitty-gritty of considering a planning application for a specific site. If someone does not wish to see the Southwick Court site developed but cant think of a specific objection then just go ahead and object, but send a copy to your local Wiltshire Councillor. The Southwick Wiltshire Councillor, Horace Prickett, has asked the Council to have the application considered by members if the Planning Officer wishes to approve it. So if a lot of people do not like the idea members will note that and hopefully act accordingly.

    We hope that the Planning Officer is sensible enough to require the developer to look a lot deeper into the ecology of the site and this may bring about significant changes.

    I see that the consultation date on the WC website is still 21 February. There are only 6 representations recorded so far, but this may be because of the website problems. If the date is to be extended, then the most important thing is to get as many objections in as possible. It’s no good moaning about it if someone does not take action. Send your objections – or support if you feel that way – to Developmentmanagement@wiltshire.gov.uk. Don’t bother with their form but do put your full contact details in your email.

    I wish you successful objecting.

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