Fire damage to the Carved Seat Somebody has used the Carved Seat in Kestrel Field as a fire place!

Another Wednesday work party

Work Report by DKG A lovely warm day greeted the FoSCP, meeting up in the car park for our 9:30am start with Alison from the Countryside Team. A warm welcome was extended to Sasha, a new volunteer; we hope you enjoy your time with us Sasha.

About Us

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An up date on the Wiltshire Housing Site Allocation Plan from David Feather.


These are densely packed crustose lichens, on the bark of a young birch tree in Sheepfield Copse. Groups of lichen species are often consistently associated together, forming recognisable communities. It is probable this is a community, containing several species of Arthonia, that grows on smooth barked trees. More lichens here

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