Inspector’s Guidance Note

representative. Equally the Council should also restrict the numbers appearing on its behalf to those that are essential to deal with a particular topic or matter. The reason for these stipulations is to ensure, as far as possible, that those participating are able to sit around a single table in order to facilitate the discussion.

18. A provisional timetable for the hearing sessions has been produced. It may be that the detailed timetable will change closer to the start of the hearing sessions. While the Programme Officer will endeavour to keep people informed, it is the participant’s responsibility to keep in contact and ensure that they attend the appropriate sessions.

19. Notwithstanding any indications previously made, all those wishing to participate in one of the hearings should contact the Programme Officer by 8 March 2019 to confirm that they wish to make their case in person and at which session(s) they wish to attend. At this point a final hearing programme will be produced.

20. The hearing sessions for the Plan will commence at 9:30 am on Tuesday 2 April 2019. They will be held at: The Civic Trowbridge St Stephen’s Place Trowbridge Wiltshire BA14 8AH 21.

21. The morning sessions will start at 9.30 am each day. Afternoon sessions will start no earlier than 2.00 pm. When possible, there will be roughly an hour break for lunch and short breaks mid-morning and afternoon. I will aim to finish the sessions by no later than 5.30 pm, but they make continue later if necessary.

The submission of statements and further material

22. The Council should produce an individual statement for each of the matters identified, addressing all of the issues and specific questions set out in the MIQs paper. They should include specific references to supporting evidence where appropriate. There may be cases where the Council wish to propose further changes to the Plan in order to address matters of soundness. Any such changes should be set out in a composite schedule with clear references made to them in the statements. It may be that additional changes will be proposed during the course of the hearing sessions.

23. Other participants may, if they wish, submit statements addressing the MIQ questions of relevance to their original representations on the plan. There is no need to repeat points already made in representations however and participants may wish to rely on these earlier representations.

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