Inspector’s Guidance Note

confirm matters that have been agreed, particularly if they have previously been the subject of soundness or legal compliance objections, or they can also helpfully highlight matters that remain in contention. If they are to be prepared then they should be completed by 5 pm on 8 March 2019. These will be published as Hearing Documents so that other representors are aware of their contents before submitting their statements. However, this should not preclude the Council from continuing to engage on outstanding issues with other public bodies and updating any SoCGs as necessary.

The Examination Library

32. The Council has prepared an online Examination Library which can be found on the Examination webpage at . This contains the submission documents, the Council’s evidence and documents which have been produced during the Examination. If you have difficulties accessing the library please contact the Programme Officer. It is not necessary to attach extracts of these documents to hearing statements as they are already Examination documents.

Site visits
33. Insofar as I consider it necessary to my assessment of the soundness of the plan, I will visit sites and locations referred to in the representations before, during, or after the hearings. I will do these on an unaccompanied basis unless I find that I need to go onto private land. Arrangements for any accompanied visits which I consider to be necessary will be made during the hearing sessions.

Close of hearing sessions and submission of Inspector’s report

34. The Examination will remain open until my report has been submitted to the Council. However, I will not accept any further representations or evidence after the hearing sessions have ended unless I specifically request it. Late or unsolicited material may be returned.

35. The final hearing session will deal with any outstanding procedural matters and the next steps. I intend to announce the date when my report is expected to be submitted to the Council. This will take into account any outstanding information requirements and the potential need for consultation, sustainability appraisal and Habitat Regulation assessment of any main modifications being considered. I will then close the hearings and prepare my report.

Steven Lee

INSPECTOR 8 February 2019

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