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Inspector – Steven Lee BA(Hons) MA MRTPI Programme Officer – Ian Kemp Email: Tel: 01527 861711 Mob: 07723 009166 Webpage: WHSAP Examination

Inspector’s Initial Matters, Issues and Questions (MIQs) to the Council
This note contains the main issues that I have identified in order to determine the soundness and legal compliance of the WHSAP. This MIQs will form the basis of the hearing sessions to be held. They may also be addressed in any hearing statement. General advice about statements is contained in my guidance note.

To avoid unnecessary duplication, Questions 5.1-5.8 encompass the types of issues that I am likely to want to discuss at specific site hearings, though I recognise that some will not all be relevant to all sites. Questions 5.9 – 5.19 highlight some issues I would specifically like to see additional information on from the Council, but it should not be assumed that these are the only matters I shall wish to discuss relating to these sites. In addition, it should not be taken that if I have not asked for a specific response on a particular site that I have made up my mind or do not wish to further explore issues raised in representations.

In responding to the MIQs, there is no requirement to repeat representations or quote information that can be found in evidence documents. Cross referencing to the relevant representation or parts of the document will be sufficient.
Should, as a result of these questions, changes be proposed by the Council to any of the policies or text then these should be included in a schedule of proposed changes to the submission plan. This should be published prior to the Examination hearings.

Matter 1: Legal Compliance, Duty to cooperate, Sustainability Appraisal and consultation
Issue 1: Whether all Statutory and Regulatory requirements have been met?
1.1 In preparing the Plan, has the Council complied with the Duty to Cooperate required by Section 33A of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (as amended).
1.2 Is the WHSAP compliant with the Council’s Local Development Scheme in terms of its form, scope and timing?

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