Notes from Friends of Southwick Country Park

By Sarah Marsh

The long dry spell of weather has been good for our tenant farmer who has been able to get an early cut of the crass. It has also been good for the farmer as nearly all the ragwort has gone from the mowing fields. After a lot of hard work from the Friends last year to remove plants and spot spray, there appears to be very little in evidence this year.

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A lucky speckled wood that just got away at the cost of a more than half of one of its four wings.

The picture is by DKG

The day’s wanderings

by Ian Bushell

 There was a Common Blue butterfly just emerged in the old pond at the end of Lambrok Meadow and, after a long chase, I got a picture of a female Southern Hawker (see above) near the carved Wheel close to the Picnic area.

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We disapprove highly of anthropomorphism but have to admit that DKG has named this frequently photographed squirrel Cyril.

Tattered butterflies

The first meadow brown butterflies hatch at the end of May and by now, the middle of July, some are beginning to look really tattered.

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This extraordinary creature is the nymph of a speckled bush cricket (Leptophyes punctatissima). It is an inadvertent portrait: the photographer was focusing on the flowers of the common vetch and only found the bush cricket when the picture was enlarged for detail.

More tiny creatures here:

The small green tent in Sleepers Field had vanished by yesterday afternoon. Camping is NOT permitted in the park.

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