Real or fake?

A lot of people are buying artificial Christmas trees in the belief that it benefits the environment, but environmentalists and energy analysts would beg to disagree. We need only look at a single element of the hundreds of thousands of artificial trees that will be put up and decorated this Christmas: they are all made of plastic.

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Sunset Gallery

Yesterday the sun broke through the mist just in time for sunset.

Bouncer and Bertie, Dogs of the Week, with Santa’s little helper, Kate. Happy Christmas!


The Friends of Southwick Country Park will be running a stall at Hope Nature Centre’s Christmas Market today from 11am to 3pm.

Come and visit us; discover more about the park and the people who look after it.

Another Tuesday work party

Tuesday’s work party was devoted to veteran oak tree 5549. We halo our old oaks; this means that we clear away the under-storey that competes for their light and nutrition and build barriers around them to reduce footfall over their roots. Hard work!

Water Voles

We have received reports of water voles in the Lambrok by the footbridge into Lambrok Close. This is very, very good news.

Here is a video to help you tell water voles from brown rats; please keep us informed of any more sightings.


Reeves’s muntjac was introduced from China into Britain at Woburn Abbey in 1894. Escapes and releases saw it established in the wild by the 1930s and their population is now estimated at 40,000 individuals. They have been sighted in the park on several occasions.

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