What really happens to the plastic bottles thrown away in the park?

One or another of the Friends walks around the park pretty much every day and picks up rubbish as he or she goes. Most of what we pick up is plastic and most of the plastic is in the shape of bottles.

Here is a short video to explain what happens to a plastic bottle after it is thrown away.

Enhancing biodiversity

Protection does work.

Protected areas, national parks, nature reserves, and local wildlife areas do conserve biodiversity. In 2014, research undertaken by the universities at Exeter, Monash and Stellenbosch found that protected areas have significantly improved biodiversity. Plant and animal populations are measurably larger and there are more species inside the protected areas than there are outside: a wonderfully straightforward conclusion that everybody should be using to direct conservation policy.

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Boggy Patch Update

Mail from Ian this morning:

Checked boggy area yesterday, coming on well and no more interference.”

This is excellent news. While it may look like nothing more than a muddy patch at the moment, the flora and fauna that inhabit boggy patches will soon move in. We are hoping for iris and marsh marigolds, frogs and caddis fly larvae. If we get the flora right, the water voles will graze there on sedge and rush leaves.

Click here for a really cute video of watervoles

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