There are traffic cones across the entrance to the main car park. Neither the Friends nor their Countryside Officer know who put them there or if they mean that the park is closed. We are making enquiries and will keep you informed. In the meantime, let’s assume that the park is closed.


The public consultation on planning application 20/00379/OUT has been extended until Friday March 13th.

2019 review – part 3

Just two new species of birds were seen in the park this year:

Meadow Pipit (Anthus pratensis) seen by Dave Galliers on 03/05/19

and Coot (Fulica atra) seen by Ian Bushell on 31/3/19

Header picture: meadow pipit, taken in the park by DKG

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Part three

Mail from Clive to Ian:

On my afternoon walk, I spotted these two butterflies in  Village Green. I thought the first one is a Painted Lady and the second Holly Blue but I leave it to your better knowledge.

Mail from Ian to Clive:

Yes, I’ll go along with both of those – Painted Lady and a Holly Blue.” 

A message from a park user:

” Hi, I was walking back Friday evening when I saw the teenagers that were doing it. There was a group of mixed aged teenagers 2 boys were destroying the one side and another 2 trying to jump on the south side. They had a cable tied to the panels and tried pulling them off with their push bike. They stopped when I started to approach them. I rang 101 and the police came straight out and went to inspect. The police saw them and they ran off. I gave a statement that night but unfortunately no body was caught.”

Thanks; our community police will probably know who they are. Lets hope we can put a stop to this.

First flowerings

Pictures from Ian Bushell of the snake’s head fritillaries in The Race and the wood anemones in the copse at the bottom of Sheepfield.

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