Creeping thistle (Cirsium arvense) taken at dawn this morning by DKG.

Blue tit update

by DKG

A couple of poor quality photos of the blue tit entering (above) and leaving (below) the nest early this morning. The pictures are not very sharp , the bird appeared and disappeared so quickly and I forgot the tripod again.

I think it’s the cock bird feeding the hen; the visits were not frequent but at least the birds are still present and hopefully doing well.

2016’s blue tit nest

While our female blue tit incubates her eggs and the male visits to feed her, here is a look back to 2016 when DKG staked out another nest in a different oak tree.

All the pictures are by DKG

Below is the full story of this year’s nest:

Latest blue tit news

A message from DKG during the week

A long stay observing and photographing the Blue Tits. I am certain they have young. They were both frantically entering and leaving the nest all the time I was there. Still no sightings of the Green Woodpeckers but I did see a Great Spotted Woodpecker, although I was not quick enough to get any photos.

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Sunlight through the trees

The Winter Flu caught DKG this year and put him out of commission for a while; we missed him and the website missed his pictures. He’s back with a gallery of pictures all about his obsessions with the rising sun and trees. There is a squirrel keeping a eye on him, though.

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