A message and a picture from Jay Pickard:

Spotted a Kingfisher this morning over the pond and stream. Great to see!

Thanks Jay, we love to get pictures from park users.

Water Voles

We have received reports of water voles in the Lambrok by the footbridge into Lambrok Close. This is very, very good news.

Here is a video to help you tell water voles from brown rats; please keep us informed of any more sightings.


Reeves’s muntjac was introduced from China into Britain at Woburn Abbey in 1894. Escapes and releases saw it established in the wild by the 1930s and their population is now estimated at 40,000 individuals. They have been sighted in the park on several occasions.

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In Wednesday’s post about the short term population decline of some of the park’s bird species, we used a picture of an immature greater spotted woodpecker instead of a lesser spotted woodpecker; sorry. The picture above is definitely of a lesser spotted woodpecker ( Dryobates minor) and we will use it to replace the picture in Wednesday’s post as soon as possible.

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