holly blue, large white and orange tip

Butterfly count

Ian Bushell walking round the park with our Countryside Officer, Ali Rasey, spotted a large white, a male brimstone, two male orange tips, a speckled wood, a small tortoiseshell and a holly blue. That is four more species for our spotter’s list

small tortoiseshell. speckled wood, brimstone


Yesterday morning’s FoSCP work party, armed with saws and loppers and marching up the hill past Simpson’s Field, saw a pair of goldcrests (Regulus regulus) in the conifers by the path. Goldcrests are Britain’s smallest bird; a tiny flash of yellow against the dark green of a pine tree.

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Latest blue tit news

A message from DKG during the week

A long stay observing and photographing the Blue Tits. I am certain they have young. They were both frantically entering and leaving the nest all the time I was there. Still no sightings of the Green Woodpeckers but I did see a Great Spotted Woodpecker, although I was not quick enough to get any photos.

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Slow worm

Mail from DKG

“At the end of the last work party we made our first check of the year on the slow worm mats . The small coppice in Kestrel Field, and the Arboretum were checked; not expecting to see any this early in the year, we were pleasantly surprised to find a solitary slow worm warming itself under one of the mats. This was the same mat where we found the grass snakes in 2017. Hopefully more will be found as the summer approaches.” 

Pictures by DKG and Suzanne Humphries

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