Rabbit warren

There are two rabbit warrens in the park: one at the far end of Sleepers and one in the thick bramble hedge that runs alongside the central path from Fiveways to Puddle Corner.

Here is a fascinating video, narrated by Chris Packham, about a rabbit warren.

A walk in the Park

by Ian Bushell

I took my permitted exercise at the park over lunchtime. There were just eight cars when I arrived at noon and only fifteen when I left an hour later.  People were well spaced all around the park; everybody seems to be taking the new regulations seriously.

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A gallery of blue tits.

A blue tit feeding in an oak tree, photographed last March by DKG

A short video while we wait for the next sighting of the barn owls in the park:

The barn owls are back!

Message from Julie Newblé yesterday:

Spotted a barn owl at 05:56 this morning. Flew from green area by bridge in Lambrok Close along the stream towards their tree.

Thank you, Julie, for keeping us informed.

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