Meet the Robin Family

by Cheryl Cronnie

There’s a little story behind the robin in this picture, whom I’ve called Rocky Robin. I’ve been feeding him since the end of August 2021. 

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Thanks to all who took part in the weekend’s very informative and civilised discussion about dogs and their owners in the reserve. In this age of ill-mannered and often anonymous online rage and blame, we appreciated everybody’s restraint as they made their points. We  will make sure that all your comments reach Wiltshire County’s Countryside Team and we will return to the subject during the week. Thank you again.

Organised events in the reserve

On Saturday, we heard from several sources that there was a tent pitched in Kestrel Field. As camping is not allowed on Council land, Clive went to take a look and reported:

It looks like there is an organised marked course around the reserve; orienteering? I’ve seen lots of people running round, many said hello as they ran past. All finished now, tent gone. I think it was a recording point.

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by David Feather

Donations power The Friends

On Wednesday mornings in the Nature Reserve you might be hearing some new sounds. The Friends of Southwick Country Park Nature Reserve have moved fully into the 21st century by purchasing battery powered hedge cutters and a brush cutter. We have managed to do this with financial help from Wiltshire Council Central Area Board and some thoughtful and generous donations. On Wednesday of last week, we had the opportunity to meet and thank the local couple who have paid for the training of five volunteers in the use of our new power tools.

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Three storms

There have been three named storms in a week, Dudley, Eunice and Franklin, and the reserve has taken a battering. Here are some of the pictures we have been sent.

Storm damage cleared

Mail from to Ian Bushell 19.02.2022:

Good morning,
Julie Newblé has sent me pictures of a conifer blown down near the main entrance on the Lambrok Meadow side. She says that’s the only damage on the main path. Over to you!

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Please: no motorbikes

There have been reports of motorbikes being ridden in the reserve’s fields. The tyre tracks are mostly in Corn Field and Village Green and seem to show that the bikes enter and leave by the bridge into Lambrok Close. The only motorised vehicles allowed in the park are those maintenance vehicles authorised by Wiltshire Council, and mobility vehicles.

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What value is your walk?

by David Feather

Did you realise that by taking walks through our lovely semi-wild nature reserve, you were saving the Country money? I didn’t and I bet you didn’t, unless you read an article in the Guardian last week.

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Frosty mornings

Over the years we have been sent many images of frosty mornings in the park. Here are a few of them.

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