WHSAP Hearings.

The Wiltshire Housing Site Allocation Plan Examination is entering the second week of hearings. The Friends of Southwick Country Park spoke on Thursday (04/03/2019) of last week about the importance of the Church Lane site to the ecology of the Lambrok and the park. We tried to point out Wiltshire’s obligation under SEA Directive 2001/42/EC and the National Planning Policy Framework (2019) to properly assess the ecology of the Lambrok as it runs through the sites at Church Lane, Upper Studley and Southwick Court.

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Damming the Digger’s Ditch

We approached Wiltshire Wildlife for an expert opinion on the ditch that is draining our boggy patch in Lambrok Meadow. Their Water Team has concluded: we think the most likely cause is that it is part of an historic drainage channel that has just opened up naturally.

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The Phantom Ditch Digger of Lambrok Meadow

Pictures from Creative Commons

Over the past several years, FoSCP has been monitoring the development of the boggy patch right in the middle of Lambrok Meadow, south east of the goat willow. Last year, there were caddis fly larvae there, which we think had time to develop into adults before the the puddles dried out. There has been frogspawn and even tadpoles there for the last two years. The flora is developing too, with sedges, rushes and cuckoo flowers.

Somebody has been trying to drain our boggy patch!

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WHSAP Examination Hearings

The WHSAP public hearings will begin on April 2nd. FoSCP have submitted additional written representation and have asked permission to speak at the hearing to be held on the morning of April 4th, when the biodiversity at sites at H2.4, H2.5 and H2.6 will be discussed.

Here is our second submission to the WHSAP Examination.

Our first submission can be found on the main menu under the heading WHSAP. All our posts about Wiltshire’s Housing Site Allocation Plan are tagged WHSAP and our posts about the planning application at Church Lane are tagged Church Lane.

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