Beautiful images of a meadow brown taken in the park last night, at the end of the year’s longest day, by Chris Seymour.

Haymaking time

Before the end of June, the park’s tenant farmer will be cutting the grass for hay and for silage. The work will extend over several days but which days and for how long will depend on the weather. When the work is due to begin, Wiltshire Council will put up notices at all the gates to warn park users, and on the website we will try to keep you posted.

Please be careful when there is farm machinery in the fields, particularly if you have children with you, and please, please will dog walkers take extra care. Our farmer knows how the park is used and will keep his eye open for children and exuberant dogs but most of the work will be done by contractors who may not be expecting either.

Stay safe.



We have a phone for text and voicemail but posted the wrong number to our contacts page. We apologise, not just for the original error but also for the many weeks it has taken us to notice.

The correct number is 07744 708798



Park users often send us their photographs of the park: larch cones in the rain, their children or grandchildren playing in the woods, butterflies on the point of escaping from the picture, first flowerings, blurred birds and fabulous views of the sunset. We would love to be able to publish more of them

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Keeping children safe

During the Easter holiday there were little children seen playing in the park, apparently unattended by any adult. In particular, two little boys, maybe six or seven years old, were seen playing all by themselves on the bank of the stream by the wooden bridge. The weather had been very wet and the water level was high, certainly high enough to drown a small boy.

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Judy’s dynamic warm up group; new runners out in the park for the first time with their coach, Judy. Well done all!

What really happens to the plastic bottles thrown away in the park?

One or another of the Friends walks around the park pretty much every day and picks up rubbish as he or she goes. Most of what we pick up is plastic and most of the plastic is in the shape of bottles.

Here is a short video to explain what happens to a plastic bottle after it is thrown away.

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