Drop in through the afternoon to help to look after your local river and learn about the secret world below the surface of the Lambrok Stream!

We will be clearly visible from the Frome Road car park entrance. Please wear suitable outdoors clothing. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.

For further information contact Abigail Leach on 01380 736066 or AbigailL@wiltshirewildlife.org

For updates on the event please check Twitter @WiltsRivers

A WHSAP update

The target date for Wiltshire Council’s planning department’s decision on RPS’s outline application (reference number 18/10035/OUT) to build 65 houses on the fields between Southwick Country Park and Church Lane (WHSAP site H2.4) has been moved yet again, this time to Monday December 2nd 2019.

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Notes from Friends of Southwick Country Park

By Sarah Marsh

The long dry spell of weather has been good for our tenant farmer who has been able to get an early cut of the crass. It has also been good for the farmer as nearly all the ragwort has gone from the mowing fields. After a lot of hard work from the Friends last year to remove plants and spot spray, there appears to be very little in evidence this year.

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The small green tent in Sleepers Field had vanished by yesterday afternoon. Camping is NOT permitted in the park.

No camping

There is a small green tent in Sleepers Field. If you are passing and feel so inclined, a friendly word to the effect that camping is not allowed in the park might move the campers on before officialdom arrives.
We have passed the pictures to PCSO Till and to the Countryside Team.

Thank you


Haymaking time

Before the end of June, the park’s tenant farmer will be cutting the grass for hay and for silage. The work will extend over several days but which days and for how long will depend on the weather. When the work is due to begin, Wiltshire Council will put up notices at all the gates to warn park users, and on the website we will try to keep you posted.

Please be careful when there is farm machinery in the fields, particularly if you have children with you, and please, please will dog walkers take extra care. Our farmer knows how the park is used and will keep his eye open for children and exuberant dogs but most of the work will be done by contractors who may not be expecting either.

Stay safe.



Red-and-black froghopper

This is a red-and-black froghopper (Cercopis vulnerata) photographed by DKG on Sunday morning in Village Green. There are ten different species of froghopper in the UK and while the red-and-black froghopper is not the most common, it is widespread.

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