The Lambrok in flood

Clive Knight has sent in his pictures of Lambrok Stream in flood. Take care, particularly if you have children with you; the water is deep and fast-flowing when the stream is this full.

Baby Squirrel

Dear FoSCP,
Thought you’d like these photos of a juvenile squirrel discovered in the park yesterday. I think it was probably ground feeding as there were no signs of injury and he scampered up the nearest tree after a brief look around! Lovely little chap 😊
Kind  regards 
Simon Handley 

Pictures by Simon Handley

The Wildlife Wheel is ageing beautifully. The weathered and cracked wood is supporting a whole landscape of lichens that are colouring in the carvings. Here is a gallery of its creatures:

2016’s blue tit nest

While our female blue tit incubates her eggs and the male visits to feed her, here is a look back to 2016 when DKG staked out another nest in a different oak tree.

All the pictures are by DKG

Below is the full story of this year’s nest:

More pictures of the park in bloom; these are from C.J.Seymour.

Thanks Chris.

Sunlight through the trees

The Winter Flu caught DKG this year and put him out of commission for a while; we missed him and the website missed his pictures. He’s back with a gallery of pictures all about his obsessions with the rising sun and trees. There is a squirrel keeping a eye on him, though.

Click to go to the gallery

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