The Park

Southwick Country  Park is 150 acres of old farmland, situated in the parish of Southwick, just on the western edge of Wiltshire’s County Town of Trowbridge. It lies south of Lambrok Stream and west of the A361, between Trowbridge and Southwick. The main entrance and car park is at the bottom of Firs Hill.

It is a green space of meadow, established trees and new coppice,  beloved of dog walkers, runners and people with energetic children. There is a central gravelled path, a kilometre or so, suitable for buggies and wheelchairs, with benches at regular intervals, and there is a network of mown grass paths through the fields and woods.

The park is improving as habitat all the time and the number of species that grow or live there gets bigger every day. There are orchids in Village Green now, helleborines seeding into the woodland, evidence that there are dormice in the hazel coppices, and a thriving population of slow worms.

Pictures by DKG & SMH

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