Southwick Country Park is officially a Local Nature Reserve.

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  1. Absolutely well deserved! Congratulations on all your hard work! It’s great to know its going to be around for a long time! Does this open up more funding opportunities?

  2. Wonderful news in these dour times. Thank you to the Countryside Team and all the Friends for their vision of Nature Reserve status and their dedication and persistance over the years to achieve this. Congratulations.

    1. As a Nature Reserve, the park could and should be the foundation of a Nature Recovery Network, joining all the green spaces between Trowbridge and the villages to its south. We are only now beginning to understand the importance of the bats’ flight corridor along the Lambrok and the otter’s access to hunting grounds in Southwick Court; as we learn more, we will find other species whose habitat depends on the narrowing green corridor between the town and Southwick village. Southwick Country Park Nature Reserve is just the first step.

  3. Our green spaces are too important to risk in this fast developing town; as a Nature Reserve, the park will be better protected.

  4. Could we get grants etc now for the park. We also need a new sign in the carpark now stating it’s now a nature reserve 🙂

    1. The sign is high on our priority list; let’s hope the Countryside Team will be able to squeeze a little more out of their tiny budget for a new one. We hope there will be grants.

  5. Many congratulations to all the Friends and the Countryside Team, on achieving ‘Local Nature Reserve’ status, very well done! This has been a long time coming but is so very much deserved. At last the park has the recognition and protection it deserves. Thanks especially to Suzanne who has worked tirelessly to achieve this status. We look forward to the future.

    1. That is kind of you Barbara, but it has been very much a joint enterprise; I am just the noisy one. In fact, most of the really hard stuff had been done before I even joined FoSCP. Protection is the thing and the possibility of integrated planning with the Nature Reserve at its centre.

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