Cardamine pratensis

A picture of Cardamine pratensis sent by Ian Bushell with this message:

” . . .Milkmaid flowering on the Lambrok bank very near the boggy area. ”

Does anybody else call it milkmaid? I call it lady’s smock; is it another of those plants with many different names, like ragwort?

Tell us in the comments below if you have a different name for it.

Cardamine pratensis conservation status UK: Common and widespread

More pictures of the park in bloom; these are from C.J.Seymour.

Thanks Chris.

Vernal Equinox

Yesterday was the vernal equinox so today is the first day of 2019 that is longer than the previous night. The days will get longer and the nights shorter until the summer solstice: June 21st or thereabouts. For the park this is a time of extraordinary growth.

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Celandine shine

Have you ever tried to photograph lesser celandine or buttercup flowers on a sunny day? The petals are so shiny, like little cups of mirrors, that the reflected sunlight flares and obscures the details of the flower; if you are trying to photograph a celandine in close up, you have to do it in the shade.

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