Planting for pollinators

If you are visiting the garden centre this weekend, looking for flowers and shrubs to brighten your garden next year, consider planting for our pollinators and especially our dwindling bee populations.

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Pulmonaria officinalis

A new species for the park’s lists, found in the Blackthorn Tunnel last week. The plant was not in flower but the leaves are unmistakeable: Pulmonaria officinalis, lungwort.

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Today is the autumnal equinox

Equinox means equal night, and today, the 23rd of September, there will be equal amounts of darkness and daylight all over the World.

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Hawthorn berries

Hawthorn is an important winter food source for birds; they’re the favourite berry of blackbirds, redwings and fieldfares and are enjoyed by many other of the park’s species, including chaffinches, starlings and greenfinches.

Haws are edible though they are said to taste like overripe apples. Traditionally they were used to make jellies, wines and ketchup. They are such a prolific crop, so pretty and nearly always within reach; sometimes it seems a shame that we don’t make better use of them.

Let’s leave them to the birds: an autumnal bonanza.

Another autumnal bonanza:

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