Planting Native Daffodils

Southwick Flower Show made a very generous donation of £150 to the Park’s cause, for which we thank them. We used their gift for the purchase of a thousand native daffodil bulbs (Narcissus pseudonarcissus) which we planted, in October, around the edge of the woodland surrounding Village Green.

It was hard work, it rained and there were a lot of creaky backs and knees; coffee time (with extra biscuits) was particularly welcome that day.

The plants may not flower very well in their first spring but we have hopes for their second year. Once they are established in damp, partially-shaded conditions, native daffodil3daffodils spread easily; not only do the bulbs  make new bulbils, but they seed as well.

In some places, it has been a  bad autumn for crab apples, sloes and nuts and wood mice may well be looking for alternative sources of food; we hope we have not just arranged an expensive banquet for small mammals.



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