Our woods and hedges are full of greater stitchwort (Stellaria holostea), a fragile plant that avoids the sunlight if it can and leans on the foliage around it for support.

Whirligig beetles

Whirligig beetles are actually a whole family (Gyrinidae) of water beetles: almost 700 different species globally, most of them very much alike and extremely difficult to tell apart. We have no idea what particular species live in the pond above the wooden bridge but all the Gyridinae share some fascinating features.

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This is black sedge (Carex nigra), also known as common sedge. It grows along the Lambrok tributary either in the shallow water or on the bank and there is a bed of it in the woods just past the wooden bridge.

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Germander speedwell (Veronica Chamaedrys) in the hedge in Brunts Field.

Pictures by Suzanne Humphries

Picker uppers out for a run: Mandy and Stanley wearing matching outfits and helping us keep our park poop-free. Thank you!

Clearing trees from the new plantations and the areas affected by Ash Die-back has brought spring sunlight to the woodland floor for the first time in years.

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