A short video while we wait for the next sighting of the barn owls in the park:


Is it safe to be outside?

The media is full of advice about how to avoid the coronavirus disease COVID-19; there are lists of things to do and even more lists of things not to do. It has been a lot more difficult to find information about the safety (or otherwise) of a walk in the park.

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The barn owls are back!

Message from Julie Newblé yesterday:

Spotted a barn owl at 05:56 this morning. Flew from green area by bridge in Lambrok Close along the stream towards their tree.

Thank you, Julie, for keeping us informed.

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Has anybody seen the owls?

Two years ago, in the first week of March, there was a pair of barn owls in the park. They hunted over Lambrok Meadow and the field between Lambrok Stream and Church Lane where a developer plans to build 45 houses.

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Returning chiffchaffs

Has anybody heard our chiffchaffs yet? This is the time of year when they come back from the Mediterranean and Africa to nest here and their unmistakeable call is a welcome sign that spring is here. Message or email us if you have heard them .

All these pictures were taken in the park by DKG.

Crocus vernus

Ian Bushell has sent in a picture of Crocus vernus doing its best in heavy rain, with this message:

“. . . this is the small clump of Spring Crocus (Crocus vernus) on the edge of the copse by the pond.  Naturalised as a result of escape from cultivation/or possibly introduced to SCP.”

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Grey squirrel invaders

The park’s grey squirrels are invasive aliens, brought here during the 19th Century, when the possession of rare and exotic species of plants and animals was the height of fashion. Grey squirrels, native to eastern North America, were first released into the wild in Britain, at Henbury Park, in Cheshire, in 1876.

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