Germander speedwell (Veronica Chamaedrys) in the hedge in Brunts Field.

Pictures by Suzanne Humphries

“Shed not a clout till may be out…”

It’s not an instruction to keep your coat on until June; it’s telling you that you can take your cardigan off once the may is in blossom, which has been known to happen as early as April.

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Horse chestnut

The horse chestnut tree near the park’s main entrance gate is in flower.

The Battle of The Spanish Squill

By Ian Bushell

For the last couple of Sundays, I have been looking for Spanish squill among the bluebells. I have gone early and used the allotment entrance to the park. 

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Wood spurge

Wood spurge (Euphorbia amygdaloides) photographed in the park by Clive Knight.

Header picture (CC0)

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