Litter Picking

by Sarah Marsh

One of the perennial jobs around the Park is collecting litter. Most weeks sees one of the Friends with litter picker and rubbish sack in hand. All sorts of rubbish is found especially during the winter months when the foliage dies back and it is easier to spot.

Sometimes we come across rubbish that has been dumped or abandoned such as tents, sleeping bags, shopping trolleys, suitcases and much more. The most common items of rubbish, of course, are drinks cans, plastic bottles and takeaway packaging and although there are three litter bins in the car park and many more dotted around the Park, much of it has to be collected.

The Friends of Southwick Country Park, with help from some of the Park-runners, will be joining in the Great British Spring Clean weekend in early March. Last year we collected 17  sacks of rubbish so this annual event makes a difference in protecting the wildlife and the environment.

pictures by DKG

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