Work Party Report


A lovely sunny morning greeted the FoSCP and Richard from the countryside team for our Tuesday’s tasks. A warm welcome was also extended to Jamie, a new volunteer, who will be joining us on future Tuesdays. Welcome aboard Jamie, hoping you enjoy your days with us.

Tasks for the morning, and all completed within our time limit, included the following:

  • Re-instating posts in the entrance to the car park to prevent the recent spate of cars parking on the grassed areas and footpath
  • Planting of 50 whips in the entrance to SCP
  • Filling in a trench that has been dug by an unknown person in Lambrok Meadow
  • Pat walking the park, collecting the usual amounts of litter and dog poop bags left by some of our visitors
  • Simpsons field compartment :
    • Marking out two areas for creating glades within the compartment
    • Marking trees to be left as standing deadwood

Our next work party will be on Wednesday 13th March.

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