No quad bikes

Mail from Park Watch
Just wanted to report the riding of a quad bike in the field by Lambrok. One adult Male riding with a small toddler included.

On Thursday of last week, a park user reported a man in a yellow tee shirt riding a quad bike around Lambrok Meadow. He had a very small child with him and seemed oblivious to both the risk to the child and the damage he was doing to our tenant farmer’s crop of hay.

Quad bikes are not allowed in the park; besides the noise, they would pose a considerable danger to people, their children and their dogs. It is illegal to drive on farmland without permission and the subsequent damage to the grass crop amounts to criminal damage.

If you know who the man in the yellow tee shirt is, please tell him that quad bikes are not allowed, that the park is working farmland and that he was, in our opinion, putting that toddler at unacceptable risk. Tell him also that we have forwarded the pictures to the police.

Thank you


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