The day’s wanderings

by Ian Bushell

 There was a Common Blue butterfly just emerged in the old pond at the end of Lambrok Meadow and, after a long chase, I got a picture of a female Southern Hawker (see above) near the carved Wheel close to the Picnic area.

On the Lambrok, its the tributary and the Dog Pond I saw Beautiful Demoiselle and Banded Demoiselle, the Ruddy Chaser and the Broad-bodied Chaser males, as well as a Common Blue Damselfly.

Throughout the park, the Meadow Browns are looking a bit battered now and the number of Gatekeepers is increasing.  Also pleasing is the number of Commas all over the place as with the Speckled Woods and the Skippers.  Seen in Village Green was a Red Admiral, a Peacock and a Green-veined White.

Also in Village Green on the verge in the long grass, Common Red Soldier Beetles had just emerged in a mass hatching – quite a sight to see such a swarm.

red soldier beetle

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