This morning, somebody clicked a button and became our 800th follower. Welcome, whoever you are!

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  1. I have just discovered this lovely page, although I’m not number 800! I can’t believe I’ve only just stumbled across it after 12 years in North Bradley! I have shared it on our village page.

  2. Gosh! It doesn’t seem any more than a few weeks ago that you were celebrating number 700. Well done.

  3. You do a great job, Iv’e learned so much from your posts and especially from all the work you’v done recently trying to protect the Park and all its wildlife from unwanted housing development on your doorstep.

    I’ve always felt I should let you know, I do read and appreciate your posts and all the work done by the friends, in all weather, to protect and preserve the Park for us all.

    1. Thank you Barbara. We feel it is really important that people understand that conservation should be a local concern; like charity, it begins at home.

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