Disease resistant elms

Mail from Ian:


Going down Tisbury way tomorrow morning to collect at least five disease resistant elm saplings for the park. Hopefully they have certification. I believe they have been donated/paid for by Butterfly Conservation as part of their effort to re-establish white letter hairstreak butterflies in Wiltshire.


1. Elm saplings; 2. elm leaves


Just back from Tisbury; I have five disease resistant Field Elm cultivars (Ulmus minor ‘Ademuz’) plus stakes and shields.  They are about two years old, maybe more, well rooted and about 4 ft high. I have background information and certification etc.
No cost to FoSCP; apparently they are subsidised by a fund within Butterfly Conservation.


3. White letter hairstreak
Header picture by Ian Bushell

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  1. I do hope these elm saplings thrive in the Park. I will always remember the two full grown elm trees in our garden when I was growing up. Unfortunately they both succumbed to Dutch Elm disease and had to be felled.

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