Tree sanctuary

Where are our disease resistant elm saplings?

A tree sanctuary has been set up in a corner of a FoSCP garden, next door to allotments, for our five precious disease resistant elm saplings. The saplings were donated by Butterfly Conservation as part of an effort to re-establish the white letter hairstreak butterfly in Wiltshire.

The remainder of the 420 whips of six tree species that were donated to the park by the Woodland Trust, have been heeled into trenches nearby. In an effort to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint, the Woodland Trust is trying to give everybody the chance to plant a tree.

1 Wild cherry 2 Silver birch

Because of the lockdown, we have missed the spring planting period. The whips and saplings are coming into leaf now and it is too late to put them through the trauma of transplant; we would lose too many. We will have to wait to plant them until the late autumn, when they will enter a period of dormancy.

More about the importance of growing trees:

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