A message from Tessa Slack, the Bookings Coordinator at Trowbridge Town Hall, to all the park’s many photographers, artists, poets and musicians.

Shining A Light On Trowbridge – Exhibition

We want to make an exhibition that celebrates the creativity unlocked by the lockdown. The exhibition will shine a light on the everyday artists of Trowbridge. And that could be you….

You can share anything. A crochet blanket, a wood carving, even things that don’t quite hang on a wall? We’ll also make space for photographs, so if you’ve baked a cake of which you’re particularly proud or a garden that looks better than it ever has, please send them our way.

You can share your work – including a sentence or two on what it means to you – by e-mailing the exhibition curator Jen Hamblin, jen@townhallarts.co.uk

A Song for Trowbridge

Jonny & The Baptists are going to write a song to celebrate Trowbridge. And we need your help.

What do you want to celebrate about Trowbridge? What do you secretly love that others don’t? Where’s your favourite place? Who deserves celebrating? What’s the one fact about Trowbridge you always tell outsiders? And what would you like people who don’t know the town to say about it?

The song will be created by your answers and they want you to help sing it! Let Jonny know what you want to celebrate in Trowbridge by emailing Jonnyandthebaptists@townhallarts.co.uk.

Thanks, Tessa.

The header picture is DKG’s photograph of the footbridge leading from Sleepers Field into Cornfield.

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