A splash of colour in the park

by Simon Knight

It is lovely to finally see flowers and colour arriving in the park, signalling that spring will soon be upon us.

Although I have found it quite frustrating over the past few weeks waiting for the snowdrops to get to their best, they seem to have taken forever to open compared to reports I was getting from friends about the snowdrops in their gardens. And when they were finally ready, it was then a case of trying to find specimens that didn’t have mud on them, which wasn’t an easy task given how wet the park has been recently!

A splash of purple provided by the crocuses by the pond served to briefly distract from how churned up the bank of the pond has become during the exit from winter. Another flower symbolic of the arrival of spring is the primrose. Taking a walk along the tree-covered path that borders the east side of Kestrel Field is currently rewarded with a lovely display of these pale-yellow flowers. 

But my favourite, and something that I look forward to every year, are the daffodils. They are still yet to get to their best, but there are a few out. Even on a cold and dull day, that vibrant yellow always makes me feel happier and acts as the ultimate reminder that warmer weather should be on the way soon.

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