No drones please

In the last week or so somebody been seen flying a drone in the nature reserve. Please don’t do this.

Firstly, you need permission from Wiltshire Council, who are the landowners. They will ask why you want to fly a drone in the nature reserve, they will require you to do a risk assessment and to produce a licence and evidence that you have appropriate insurance. The council will not grant permission for recreational use or if you are just looking for a place to practise your flying skills.

Secondly, it is an offence to fly a drone anywhere without a licence and insurance. The local police have told us that they are concerned about the unlicensed use of drones in the area and have asked us to report any incidences from the reserve. We have reported this latest incident to PCSO Mat Till and would encourage you, if you find people flying drones in the park drones without official permission, to do the same:

Community police:
Community Policing Team 1: 101 ext 36337   M: 07471029309

We are sorry to nag; we really don’t want to post a list of rules and regulations at the gate. Southwick Country Park Nature Reserve is not the right place for recreational drones, any more than it is for motorbikes or quad bikes; they are noisy and, in the wrong hands, dangerous.

Thank you

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