with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

Sign Up with the Wildlife Trusts to do at least one wild thing every day throughout the whole month of June. 

There will be five Wednesdays in June: that’s five Wednesday work parties. Come and join us and help look after the wild places. Our email address is friendsofscp@outlook.com; text or voicemail us on 07747 408798 or just turn up in the main carpark at 9.30am on any Wednesday in June. Only 25 days to go…

Sign up as a citizen scientist with iRecord and contribute to our understanding of the wild places, how they work and how to save them. You could record butterfly sightings in Southwick; FoSCP has been recording butterflies in the reserve for the Wiltshire and Swindon Biological Records Centre for many years.

Why not spend part of June planning to plant trees with the Woodland Trust this autumn? Get together with like-minded people, ask the Woodland Trust to help you find a local site and begin to research species that will increase the biodiversity of your neighbourhood.

Write or email Wiltshire Council to encourage them into Bee friendly planting on our road verges and greenspaces.

Consult Wiltshire’s Definitive Footpath Map and find a new place to walk out in the countryside with family and friends. Lockdown has taught us how precious these wild places are, how important they are to our health and wellbeing; we mustn’t forget that lesson in the future. Stay safe.

Here’s a post you might enjoy from 2019 about citizen science.

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