Wet Work Party

by Ian Bushell

We had a particularly wet and foul day for Wednesday’s work party. It didn’t stop raining the whole morning. That is two weeks on the trot now and most unusual for the Friends, normally we have good weather days between the bad.

We met in the car park and it started to rain heavily just as Rich Murphy (our Tree Officer) joined us.  Pat, Sarah and Alan did the sensible thing, called it a day and went home. 

The musketeers, Clive, Frank, Phil and myself, like drowned rats, moved to the bottom of the copse we have been working on for some weeks now to continue felling diseased Ash.  We soon heard the buzz of Rich’s chainsaw as he came down through the copse cutting down and tidying up the Ash stumps we have left. 

Blackthorn blossom and cowslips

All back to the picnic area for coffee and biscuits before squelching our way back to the carpark. No photographs this week because we don’t have an aquatic camera.

There are Blackthorn bushes just coming into flower. And one bit of joy – I checked the Cowslips we planted last year (or maybe the year before) either side of the hard path in Simpsons and they are looking good and coming up.

Here’s hoping for decent weather next week.

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