Batty numbers

Ten numerical facts about bats:

25% of all mammal species are bats.

3,000 metres; the greatest height at which bats have been tracked

2 grams: the weight of the world’s smallest mammal : the bumblebee bat.

1,000: the number of times per minute a bat’s heart beats in flight.

10: the number of times per minute a hibernating bat’s heart beats

250,000; the number of bats that it is estimated are killed by cats every year in the UK.

200 tons: the weight of insects eaten each night by the 20 million Mexican free-tailed bats that live in Bracken Cave in Texas

1: the number of pups a female bat has each year.

13: the number of bat species that have been identified in Southwick Country Park Local Nature Reserve

0345 1300 228: the number of the National Bat Helpline

Header picture: greater horseshoe bat at rest (CC0)

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