Native reptiles

There are six species of native British reptiles and three of them are resident in the reserve: we have European adders (Vipera berus), grass snakes (Natrix natrix), and slow worms (Anguis fragilis).

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As the weather finally warms up, keep a look out for our grass snakes. A youngster, no more than 20cm long, was seen swimming in the pond last week: probably one of last autumn’s hatchlings.

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Grass snake

A young grass snake swimming in the Dog Pond yesterday, seen and photographed by Ian Bushell, who said:

“Definitely a youngster – most probably from last years hatch –  about a foot or so long and perhaps a little finger’s thickness, but the yellow collar was obvious.  Good news as it means that the snakes are breeding here. It swam from the Village Green side to the reed sanctuary below the hedge on the other side.”

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