Message from Becky Lou: Someone’s little Piglet found at the park today, he hung on but no one returned so he’s being looked after… Get in touch if he’s yours.

A bunch of keys was lost in the park on Sunday morning. If anybody has found them, please contact us.

Lost and Found

Found in the car park at Southwick Country Park today; if it was you that lost it, please contact us:

email:- friendsofscp@outlook.com;
text and voicemail: 07747 408798

A message from a visitor:
” Hi. we visited your park today, and my 2 year old daughter has lost her bear, it’s a long shot but if anyone has handed in a brown bear with a blue tee shirt, possibly left in the car park, could you contact me as we are now back in Kent.”
If you have seen the lost bear, email us at friendsofscp@outlook.com or text or leave voicemail on: 07747 408798 and we will send the poor thing home.

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