This is the park's buzzard. It has come to the park for some years and hunts regularly here and across Southwick Court's old parkland. Buzzards breed when they are three years old but this bird is always seen alone. The first set of photographs were taken early yesterday morning by DKG.  The second set were ... Continue Reading →

Good news: the pair of barn owls photographed by David on March 10th are still in the park. They appear to have chosen a nest site in a hollow oak tree. Both were seen early in the morning last week; the cock bird hunting, the hen near what we hope is the nest.  

Owl nesting boxes

In 2016, a pair of tawny owls nested in the owl box in Sheep Field and reared these two owlets. The parent birds returned in 2017 to inspect the box, but it obviously didn't meet their standard and they left. This year a pair of barn owls is hunting across the park, roosting in one... Continue Reading →

One of a pair of barn owls seen hunting over the park this weekend by DKG and Chris Seymour.  Photograph: DKG

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