Pollarding Willows

Recently you may have seen that the overhanging willows on either side of the path leading from the pond to Lambrok Meadow have been either removed or pollarded, opening up the whole area.

Pollarding is an old technique in which the upper branches of a tree are pruned away during winter to promote a dense spring growth of straight wood. The Countryside Team had become concerned that there was a risk, particularly in high winds, of trees or branches falling on the path and endangering park users; pollards are short statured and sturdy enough to stand up to any wind. Tree surgeons were contracted to do the work.

The trees that were cut down will regrow from the base quite quickly.  In the newly open areas the Friends have planted whips of flowering native trees, hawthorn, rowan and cherry, supplied by the Woodland Trust.  It will be interesting to see how this glade now develops in years to come.


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In collaboration with Ian B

Pictures: Ian B. and Google Images

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