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A big thank you to all of you who signed the petition last weekend against charging for car parking in the Country Park.  We presented it to the Council on Monday.

Petition handover
Joan Jones presents the petition to Will Oulton outside County Hall.

On Tuesday the Friends were well represented at a meeting of the Cabinet of Wiltshire Council in County Hall.

The results of the petition and the many comments received were reported to the packed meeting by Suzanne Humphries. As a result, any implementation was postponed so that the Friends could give their views in a lot more detail than could be made in the Council consultation.

The Friends have been friends of Wiltshire Council since our inception. We have worked together on many projects and have saved the Council a lot of money over the years. We are now seeking the Council to reward us and do the right thing by removing the car park from the threat of charging. The Friends will be meeting with Cllr.Wayman on February 12th; we will keep you posted on progress.


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Pictures by Dave Galliers

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  1. why cant car park be made bigger, plenty of room there,have had wing mirror taken of by speeding car coming from Trowbridge. And replacing a wing mirror on a Mercedes is not cheap.

  2. Katrina

    I am sorry that you had a wingmirror damaged. The car park could be made bigger but the money would have to come from Wiltshire Council and they are strapped for cash (as is the expression) We have a funny situation where the Country Park is looked after sympathetically by the Countryside section and the car park is run by the Parking section who are not sympathetic to us at all, so far. We have to try and change that. If you want to express your views to those who count you need to address them to Councillor Wayman, but please be polite as we need to try to persuade her that leaving the car park free is the best option. Enlarging the car park is something to consider for the future and we may have to seek grants to achieve it.

  3. We moved to Southwick, from Frome, last October but have visited Southwick Coutry Park for some years. We did not realize that there had been suggestions for charging for the parking or that a petition to try to stop this happening was being done. Had we known we would have signed the petition. The park is the best bit of Trowbridge and a wonderful amenity for everyone.

    It is disgraceful to even think about charging,especially as its a nothing more than a muddy patch which is costing the Parking section very little to maintain, and personally, i think a muddy patch is fine as its used to walk in the fields, which are equally as muddy at times.

    It is also dangerous as people will just park in the road instead or park – very unfairly – at the Cafe and that is unfair to the people who run it and those who want to use the Cafe or visit the Hope Nature Centre.

    Also, what about all the volunteers? are they expected to pay? if so this makes it even more outrageous.

  4. Driving into Trowbridge from Southwick early on a Saturday morning is positively dangerous with cars owned by the park runners on a blind bend, this is an accident waiting to happen. This situation will become a daily event if parking charges are introduced. Do we have to wait until there is a fatality for action to be taken as happened prior to the pedestrian crossing being sited near the newsagent in Southwick?

    Wiltshire Council should be encouraging all age groups to make use of the Country Park without putting financial barriers in the way. Every day the problems of increasing obesity are in the media and free access to the Park offers all a means of exercise.

    What was the form of consultation which took place? The first I knew about the proposal to introduce charges was when I read the current edition of Southwick Village News.

  5. I agree with the above comments. This will stop people going to the park which is one of our best assets it will cause parking problems all over Southwick as this is not the only access to the park. it seems crazy to me to be able to park for free in the multi story and the new carpark near M&S for free and yet we are threatened with parking charges here. if my local councillor votes for this plan he will not get my vote in the next election. Maybe others will follow suit.

    1. Good afternoon. I live in Southwick and Saturday Mornings are a nightmare. All of the park runners park along the main road causing nothing but mayhem for drivers and pedestrians. If these charges come into play then the residents of Southwick will suffer even further. These people will start to park on the small housing estates that sprout off of the main road. Greenleaze close, Fleur de Lyes etc will have cars parking so the residents here won’t be able to get in or out. Something has to be done with regards to this otherwise it will lead to frustration for all.

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