Slow worm survey

The Friends,  on a wet and squelchy day last week, prepared to survey the park’s slow worm population. Here is DKG’s report:



“Mats were cut and numbered for the slow worm survey with 40 mats laid in 4 areas (10 per area). These will be monitored in the coming weeks once we have some warmth and hopefully some dry weather. Areas covered included Brunts Field, Kestrel Field and Ash copse in Sheep field. The Village Green mats will be laid out during the next work party as the area was too sodden to reach.”



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Photographs: DKG

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3 thoughts on “Slow worm survey

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  1. Hope you have a thriving community of slow worms, I keep checking in my garden near open fields in Blind Lane.

    1. Barbara, if you put down something heavy and dark-coloured so that the sun warms the ground underneath, slow worms will be attracted to it. You may have to sacrifice a patch of lawn, though.

  2. A couple of weeks ago I found a baby slow worm on my garden path, stiff and cold in the rain. It appeared to be dead but I warmed it up in my hand and it came back to life. I let it wriggle into a gap at the bottom of my compost heap.

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