Despite the announcement on Wiltshire Council’s website and in the Wiltshire Times, the Traffic Regulation Order notices that have gone up in the car park do not mean that parking charges will be introduced at Southwick Country Park. They are part of the formal consultation process that the county has to complete in order to change their car parking strategy. Such notices have gone up in several car parks across the county.

The Friends of Southwick Country Park have entered a Service Delegation agreement with Wiltshire Council’s Traffic Department: the Friends will maintain the car park’s surface to an agreed standard, using materials and tools provided by Wiltshire’s Countryside Team, and the Council will waive parking charges. If the Friends are unable to fulfill their part of this agreement, then the Council will charge for parking at SCP but at a rate much less than the originally proposed 80p an hour.

The notices are part of the legal process by which Wiltshire Council will acquire the right to charge for parking in places that have previously been free of charge. Without it, if the Friends reneged on their part of the deal, the Council would have to begin their consultative process all over again, just for Southwick Country Park. This way, the legal structure is in place if it is needed.

Volunteer; come and help us fill the potholes.

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The Council has invited comments.

Using reference WILTS/TRO/Parking, email:

Click below for previous posts about parking charges:


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