An evening stroll with DKG

 by DKG. . .

A few photos of an evening stroll in the park on Wednesday (23rd May).

I have been visiting the blue tits’ nest in Sleepers Field every day for the past two weeks and I am sorry to report that the nest may have been predated. On each visit this week I was hoping to see the adults returning to feed chicks but unfortunately neither bird has been seen in or around the tree as in previous years.



The green woodpecker also does not appear to have returned to its nesting site from last year either; it’s been rather disappointing to say the least. In fact over the past few days I have not heard a single woodpecker in the mornings or on the few evening visits.

For the second successive year, the park also seems devoid of swallows. Each visit to the pond, which is swarming in midges, not a single bird has been seen swooping over it’s surface. Photos from Wednesday’s visit shows the midges over the pond in their thousands but not a single bird feeding (the brown lines in the photos of the yellow iris are also midges).



I only saw three swallows in Kestrel Field near the carved seat. At least the Buzzard was sighted at last in Kestrel, although at height and at distance, so it’s not a very good photo.




All photographs: DKG

Click below for more strolls through the park:

Native daffodil


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