The world is full of little brown birds. Small and brown seems to be some kind of default programme for birds and accurate identification can depend on an extra millimetre in a  brown tail feather or the exact shade of a brown eye-stripe. Until they are otherwise identified, the RSPB calls them all LBJs: little brown jobs.

This time of year is even worse, as juveniles, mostly small, brown and freckled, spill out of nests in the park and confuse even seasoned birders. Here is a selection:




Be patient with them; they haven’t all got the hang of flying yet and often don’t know the difference between friend and foe. If you find them on the ground, don’t pick them up; their parents will be nearby waiting for you to go. If they seem very exposed, shoo them gently into undergrowth.




The header image, which may or may not be a juvenile dunnock, is by DKG; other images as captioned.

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