SCP work party or “Lost in the undergrowth”


A few photos from Wednesday’s work party. A walk around before meeting up was once again very quiet and eerie, hardly any sign of the park’s birds or wildlife. They must be on their hols as well. Quiet, that is, apart from an annoying, continually yapping dog in the distance.

There are bulrushes in the stream, although the stream is now so overgrown it’s difficult to see any water. I took a photo across Lambrok Meadow of where they are talking about building houses.



Lots of litter throughout the walk: cans, bottles and food wrappings. It may be holiday time but there is still no excuse.Somebody had thrown a large carrier bag full of their rubbish into the overgrown brambles, out of normal reach.

Work today involved tasks near the allotments again. The area round the new seat in Sheepfield was trimmed of surrounding thistles to make it a little more pleasant and the nettles and branches at the main entrance into Sheepfield were trimmed back



The main work of the day, though, involved the liberating of the young trees planted by the Guides a few years back. This area was cleared and trimmed back to the main blackthorn hedge line in the winter of 2016/17 but in a very short time it has been over taken with brambles.  We cleared a large amount today but there is still more to do.



The young trees’ guards were removed as well, revealing very large ants’ nest with some of their residents becoming very annoyed and attacking the perpetrators.



Photographs by DKG
Footer picture and
entrance to Sheepfield by Louise B

Another work party:

2 thoughts on “SCP work party or “Lost in the undergrowth”

  1. I do hope that the “continually yapping dog” wasn’t mine. She gets very excited when she’s sees a squirrel (although she’d never catch one) and yaps at it! As it’s a wide open area of parkland I don’t mind letting her get it out of her system for a few minutes. I do hope this isn’t a nuisance?

    1. Don’t worry about it; we accept the dogs as part of the park. They keep our squirrels on their toes. and their owners are our most enthusiastic supporters.

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