Damage in the picnic area

The waste bin in the picnic area has been pushed over and the catch on the gate broken. Hopefully, with a lot of manpower and effort, we can right the bin; a new bin in a concrete base is very expensive.

pinic area damage

Half of the gate latch has been thrown or carried away. If anybody sees it, please pick it up and report it to FoSCP; use the contact details here on the website. If we have the other half, we can mend it.

We know that the huge majority of the park’s users are careful and considerate, that it is a small minority who damage things. Please report any vandalism that you see.


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  1. Vandalism is very discouraging to we volunteers. We can’t afford to install CCTV across the whole park. We wouldn’t want to, as it is a country park. However we do have a lot of park users, most of whom will be carrying a camera. So if you see some suspicious activity, you do not have to intervene, but you could take a photo and send it to the Friends’ website. We could then decide whether to ask the police for help. This is a community park, free for all to use, and we would love community help to keep it attractive.

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