WHSAP update

The Wiltshire Housing Site Allocation Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State on July 31st 2018. The documents that were submitted can be accessed here.

A Planning Inspector and a Programme Officer have been appointed. The Inspector, Steven Lee, BA (Hons) MA MRTPI,  will examine the soundness of the plan within a statutory framework and the Programme Officer, Ian Kemp, will act as  a liaison between the inspector, the council and any person who has an interest in the examination.

The Inspector will hold several informal hearing sessions. The dates and timetables for the hearings will be announced here.

The Programme Officer:

is  an independent Officer of the Examination and works on behalf of the Inspector to organise and manage the administrative and procedural elements of the Examination process. All statements will also be submitted through him.

Any matters that anyone wishes to raise with the Inspector should be submitted via the Programme Officer.

Here are the contact details for the Programme Officer: Ian Kemp, 16 Cross Furlong, Wychbold, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, WR9 7TA.

Telephone: 01527 861 711
Mobile: 0772 300 9166

Email: idkemp@icloud.com

FoSCP’s concerns are for the welfare of Lambrok Stream, the ecological importance of which seems to have been completely overlooked by the WHSAP. We will make our concerns known to the Programme Officer and post them to the website.

If you have concerns of your own, that you feel have not been addressed, this may be the last opportunity to put them forward.


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