A letter from a park user

Dear friendsofscp,

I am on your mailing list and during the summer I visit the park with my husband and dog a minimum of 5 days a week. Sometimes every day. Not sure what will happen during the winter as days get shorter and work gets in the way.

I read your post today and my heart sank…We read the email you sent about joining the party. My husband and I said we would definitely go. We get so much enjoyment from the park and we wanted to give something back. I cannot even remember what happened, but in the end we didn’t and for that we are so sorry. I suppose it is the same for lots of people, we are all full of good intentions but unfortunately not much action.

Every time we visit the park we always think how fortunate we are to have such as wonderful place in Trowbridge. For me, I just go there and everything is wonderful and pristine. We do pick up litter as much as we can and try to leave it as we found it but I don’t feel like it depends on me. Maybe that is something we can look into. How to make people believe that unless we ALL contribute the place will be lost. Not sure how. So to your question about what to do, I don’t have a viable answer as yet but I am definitely giving it some thought.

Anyway…I just felt the need to write to you and to apologise.  I really would like to get involved and help. I had a look at  your calendar, but I don’t really understand how you run it. Not sure about what you do at your meetings or work parties so If you can give me some guidance that will help. I work full time in Bath  but I have the evenings free and weekends to help. My husband is a retired Engineer and also would love to help.

Thank you for everything you do and look forward to hearing from you.

Mr & Mrs Palmer


Four people and a dog came
to pull ragwort:

Work party pulling ragwort

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