DKG’s regular report on Tuesday’s work party:

. . a few photos from Tuesday’s work in the park and a few taken on the usual walk about beforehand. A rather chilly morning and a frost greeting us today.

Meeting up in the car park, the tasks for the morning included clearing overhanging growth around the litter bin at the entrance to the park and tidying up and removing litter from the ditch adjacent to the main road. Suzanne carried on her crusade to rid the park of ragwort, today in Sleepers Field and now using a brand new ragwort fork to remove the roots.

Work continued in the bottom corner of Sleepers to remove the dense growth of brambles and to remove Blackthorn and Hawthorn etc. This will allow more light to penetrate the Oaks that line the boundary ditch. To be continued……

As for the Fungus’s identification? The closest I can find is the Spectacular Rustgill – Gymnopilus junonius. [ I think you’re right – Ed.]

Ian emailed: – Hate to think how big the stag is that is hiding in the hedge! Lovely shots of the Robin, and the new vests look very flash – 

To which DKG replied:– See what you mean now looking at it again, that’s our Monarch of the Park . . .

DKG took all the pictures.

More volunteering:

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