Sarah’s Report to the Village Newsletter

By Sarah Marsh .  .   .

This month’s report is all about our volunteers and the work they do. Without the Friends, the Park would be in a sorry state as the Countryside Team gets ever smaller and funding is limited. We are all unpaid and give our time willingly to keep the Park looking lovely and preserve it for future generations. But working in the Park is just one part of the Friends commitments.

Some of our volunteers regularly send letters to the Wiltshire Times, correspond with Wiltshire Council. Some volunteers apply for funding and any grants that would be available to us.Some organise money raising events to pay for new tools, new seats and benches. Some of our volunteers are keen to monitor species that live in and around the Park and keep records. Photographers record some wonderful views and flora and fauna at all hours of the day and night and we are all passionate about keeping the Park going. Litter pickers work tirelessly every week and litter is becoming a blight on all neighbourhoods not just in the Park.

I must mention Frank, a regular volunteer and also a regular park runner who completed the London Marathon in four hours nineteen minutes and still finds time to help twice a month. I must also mention Dave who takes all the photographs, some of which can be seen on the Park noticeboards, also Suzanne who has taken responsibility for the website. Ian records the butterflies in the Park during the summer and Pat is a regular litter picker. The list is endless but we all enjoy each others company and the Park gives us back something too.

So, as you can see there is a variety of jobs that need doing and we would welcome any help in any form, please look at our website or find us in the main carpark on the 2nd Wednesday and last Tuesday of the month at 9.30 a.m.

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Photographs: DKG & SMH


More FoSCP below:

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