Who ARE these people?

We received this picture and the following mail today, Wednesday December 5th:

These 2 men, both wearing black jackets, one pushing a pram, one with a cream satchel bag: also with 2 all black, skinny lurcher/ ratter like dogs were firing stones or slingshotting the 2 ducks on the pond today at approx 12:10.

I called the contact number and reported it. I shouted at them but was too far away to get a close up picture of them. I saw them later drive away in a silver grey, possibly Mercedes car.  There were a few people who may have seen them especially with the 2 black dogs. I suggest cctv on car park. At least you can get registrations then.

The police attended immediately but found nobody there. Both email and photograph have been forwarded to our community police team. Their thanks, and ours, to the quick-witted person who took the picture and who emailed us.

Melissa Glover, our community Police Officer says that pictures like this, if you can take them without endangering yourself, are very useful. If anybody else has pictures that might show these two people please send them to: melissa.glover@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk. Here is a mobile number that will reach Melissa’s team: 07867 390359, who are based at the Police Station in Polebarn Road.

Let’s be vigilant.

2 thoughts on “Who ARE these people?

    1. We don’t know yet if the ducks were hurt. It’s the failure to connect in any way with the natural world, that isn’t actually destructive, that I find so frightening; The ecosystem we inhabit is collapsing under our very noses and there are still people who are entertained by the killing of things.

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