Filling the potholes

by DKG and Ian B

Today saw the FoSCP volunteers giving up their Sunday lie-in to turn out at eight o’clock in the morning to fill the potholes in the car park. The early start was intended to keep disruption to the park users to a minimum and we apologise for the inconvenience

Six members of FoSCP, our Countryside Officer (and her husband), three wheelbarrows, two brooms and a bunch of shovels were joined by Matt (from Dent-Wise Removals) and a wacker plate loaned by Dig it Groundwork & Grab Lorry Services.  The wacker was the noisy star of the whole event; our grateful thanks to it, its owners and its operator.

In the spring of this year, FoSCP came to an agreement with Wiltshire Council. They would forego charging our park users to park if FoSCP would keep the car park in a fair condition. As part of the agreement, the council provides the materials, the Friends provide the work and visitors to the park can continue to use it for free.

A more thorough repair to the whole surface area is planned for March 2019.

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